Top 4 reasons to elope and how we can help

Have you ever heard the phrase “more money, more problems?” Yeah us too – the same can sometimes be said about planning a wedding.  More wedding, more stress and ultimately more cash out of your pocket.  For that reason, more couples are choosing to elope than ever before.  It’s not for everyone, but here are just a few reasons it might be for you.


Sometimes that dream vacation you and your partner have been planning is just that…A dream.  It seems like there’s always something coming up – work, family, home expenses you name it and that special trip for two gets put on the back burner.  Why not finally take vacation of your dreams and get married at the same time? If you and your honey have that wanderlust bug then eloping might be right for you!

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Family Friends

We hate to say it, but sometimes planning a big wedding is more headache than it’s worth.  From family feuds to divorced parents it can become difficult to plan a wedding working around Aunt Gertrude’s issues with Uncle Scott let alone trying to configure a seating arrangement.  If reading this hits home you might have a winner if you elope.

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Two big things in one year no Bueno.

Oftentimes when you’re engaged, you’re also planning out other big ticket life events…Maybe buying a house, contemplating moving to a new city, or having a baby.  All of these events can add up to some serious cha ching, so if planning a big ol wedding was never really your style to begin with eloping may just be your ticket to ride.


Back to the basics – make it all about you

At the end of the day the most important thing about getting hitched is YOU, the happy couple.  Weddings can be so darn stressful at times (said pretty much every couple ever).  Worrying about the needs of others combined with all of the logistical aspects of a wedding can be tough.  It’s okay to decide to make it a party of two, that way you can relax and enjoy your special day!

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