Best tips and tricks to include your dog in your wedding

Choosing Your Wedding Party…Say YES…to Your Pet!

Oh hello and happy July from Sweet Carolina Collective! The calendar says that it is summer, but the thermostats here in Eastern NC indicate that we are somewhere in the seventh circle of H-E double toothpicks with no end in sight. The only thing we are certain of is that it is most definitely “wedding season” and that means it is time to get your wedding planning started. We are busy answering all your custom wedding sign questions and are always delighted when you turn to us for advice on little details for your big day.

Man’s best friend as part of your wedding party…

It is no secret that here at SCC we LOVE dogs.  Admittedly, we love our pups more than we like most people! In celebration of wedding season, this post is dedicated to your furry four-legged pup with some tips on how to include them in your big day! Maybe your fur baby is one you adopted together or maybe you are blending families on the big day. Whatever your case may be, you already made the promise to share your life with your cute little drool bucket so why not let them play a role in your big day! This is no doubt a very busy and stressful time and dogs’ sense all that. Including them in your plans will not only soothe their tension, it will also soothe yours!


Assigning the perfect role

First and most important, you must know your dog. Is Fido super hyper, easily distracted and require a lot of supervision? If so, maybe use him in some announcement photos with fun “save the date” or a simple customized wedding announcement sign! Trying to involve a dog in a ceremony they are not equipped to handle could turn disastrous fast. The last thing you want is for him to catch a glimpse of a squirrel and take off running with the ring around his neck. This is really no way to start your lives together.  Just because you expect cousins Larry and Bill to get along for one day, you can’t expect your pup to behave in a manner he normally wouldn’t, even if it is your wedding. A simple photo shoot with some fun customized signs would be perfect for a hyper pup with a short attention span. This suggestion also holds true for pups who are easily scared by lots of noise or big crowds. Simple, effective and a great way to include the true love of your life! Here at SCC we can help make your decision to go simple perfect and memorable

If Fido is trained and obeys simple commands like sit, stay, down and leave it, then incorporating him into the ceremony wouldn’t be hard at all. Check with your venue and make sure pets are allowed. If they aren’t, you should probably get a new venue. Just kidding! Most venues will allow your little love machine to be part of the ceremony. Some may charge you a damage deposit fee just in case they start sipping from Aunt Melvas dirty martini when she isn’t paying attention and things get crazy.  Get all those details and once you have them then the only other decision to make is what role he will play.

Dog of Honor? Ring Bearer? Flower Pup? Get Creative!

 You could go the simple route and make him a special guest or go all out and make him an official member of your wedding party. Fido can escort your flower girl or ring bearer down the aisle or play those rolls themselves! Dad not available to give the bride away? This is another role your faithful companion can play and will be one of the most memorable parts of your entire day for you and your guests. How special would it be to dress him up with the perfect customized sign that says “I loved her first”. Not only would it be adorable, it would also be true.  How involved you make him is entirely up to you.

Assign a dog handler

 Have a designated bridal party member assigned to be the handler that day. Someone Fido respects and listens to. You will need to train and rehearse the role often and local dog trainers wouldn’t be a bad idea to enlist the help of if you want to be sure your day goes off without a hitch. Most importantly, reward good behavior with treats, and lots of them! This is a big day for him too! After all, cousins Larry and Bill’s good behavior is being rewarded via the open bar.

Once you have finalized your Bridal Party

Once you decide what role your pup will play on your big day, Sweet Carolina Collective can help you customize your accessories to make your day stylish, memorable and fun! For a modern look we can create pieces using sleek acrylics or we can go rustic with a beautiful custom wood sign that will showcase rich wood grains to accent your wedding décor! Choosing the right color scheme for your wedding signs is something we can discuss together to find the perfect blend of style and customization.

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